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Reliable commercial refrigeration repair for Restaurants, Grocery Stores,  Bars in Seattle, WA, and the King County region.
Commercial refrigeration repair, HVACR, Restaurant repair, Grocery Stores refrigeration repair, Bar store repair, Seattle WA, King County
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Commercial Refrigeration Seattle, WA

BTU Mechanical is very proud to represent the best commercial refrigeration products available for businesses with Walk-in Coolers, in-store refrigerators, ice machines and more

Commercial HVACR Refrigeration Seattle, WA

Reliable commercial refrigeration is an absolute must for any industry which deals with perishables in Seattle, WA, and the surrounding region. If your commercial HVACR refrigeration unit were to fail, you could lose tons of money on chilled or frozen foods which go bad, and might then have to be destroyed. At BTU Mechanical, our specialists have all the necessary training and experience to handle any kind of repairs, maintenance, or new installation of commercial refrigeration units.

Coolers and walk-in coolers

Both large-sized coolers and walk-in coolers must be kept running at their optimal capabilities since there is usually a high volume of food stored in these larger units. Whatever brand name unit you have installed at your business, our specialists can perform any necessary repairs or maintenance, even if it’s on an emergency basis.

Freezers and walk-in freezers

Once food like meats and vegetables have been frozen, they quickly deteriorate when the temperature rises, and that means you can’t afford to have your freezer unit or your walk-in freezer suddenly die on you. Ideally, you should have a BTU Mechanical professional maintaining your freezers regularly, but when emergency repairs are needed, our specialists are always ready.

Beverage cooling systems

Beverages will not generally be degraded if your cooling system goes on the fritz, but if you need to serve chilled drinks to your customers, it’s important that you keep your beverage cooling system operating at its best.

Ice machines/ice makers

When the weather gets warm, customers want cold drinks, and that means having ice in their beverages. You’ll also need ice to keep certain perishable foods chilled right up until they’re served, for instance, salads and jellos. If you’re serving foods buffet-style, you’ll need a good supply of ice on hand to keep cold foods fresh and appealing.

Display/deli cases

To keep foods in your display and deli cases looking fresh and appetizing, it’s essential that your units be kept operating at their best. Normal maintenance by a BTU Mechanical professional will accomplish this most of the time, and if anything should fail, give us a call and we’ll have a repair person at your location ASAP.

Meat/poultry cases

When temperatures rise, the possibility of bacteria forming on your meat and poultry rises right along with it. This is a situation you must definitely prevent, and that is best accomplished through regular maintenance of your meat and poultry cases, by one of our commercial refrigeration specialists.

Under-counter units

These convenient little units are mostly out of sight and out of mind – until they fail, and whatever chilled foods you have stored in them are jeopardized. You can make sure that doesn’t happen by having them serviced regularly, and kept running just the way they are meant to.

Prep tables/pizza prep tables

Preparation tables are the last stop on the food service process, and that means they are one of the most critical. When you’ve taken a good deal of time and effort to prepare foods for service to customers, you don’t want them to suddenly lose all their freshness because of a mechanical failure somewhere in the unit. Have your food preparation tables maintained regularly by qualified BTU Mechanical professionals, so your food stays fresh and your customers stay happy.


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HVACR (Heating, ventilation, and refrigeration) Service Area’s

We service the Seattle Washington, with service van in King County, WA. Throughout most of Seattle, our HVACR specialists have been providing top-notch service for several years now and extending our family of satisfied customers. If you have any question about whether your restaurant, grocery store,  bar or business would be included in our general area of service, by all means, contact us, and we’ll be glad to discuss your specific repairs or installation.


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